Grain Cooperatives Earn CERES Award

Grain Cooperatives Earn CERES Award

RPA Farmers Co-op, Pleasant Plains, Illinois, won the 2014 CERES Award. Seven other cooperatives recognized as well.

Friday, August 28, 2015 — CHICAGO -- Eight grain cooperatives were recognized by GROWMARK, Inc. with the CERES Award during the GROWMARK Director Manager Forums and the Annual Meeting. 

The award, named for the Roman goddess of grain, is awarded to grain cooperatives that achieve excellence by reaching the top 30 percent in four out of the four following criteria: operating expense efficiency ratio to measure the relationship of operating expenses to gross trading and service income, return on invested capital to measure profitability for banks and stockholders’ equity, bushel volume percent growth to measure sales bushel volume and relative market share, and GROWMARK’s capital guideline ratio to measure shareholders’ ownership when properly financed.

During the time period measured, RPA Farmers Co-op, Pleasant Plains, Illinois, placed in the top 30 percent in all four out of four criteria. Thomas E. Harms was the manager and Gerald Mahoney was the president.

Seven additional grain members were recognized for achieving the top 30 percent in three out of the four criteria. Grain cooperatives also recognized for their achievements are:

  • Burtonview Cooperative, Lincoln, Illinois. Mark Lessen is the manager and Dennis Ramlow is the president.
  • East Lincoln Farmers’ Grain Company, now a part of Topflight Grain Cooperative, Inc., Lincoln, Illinois. Scott Docherty is the manager and John Adams was the president for the time period measured.
  • Farmers Grain Company of Central Illinois, Chestnut, Illinois. Terry Cundall is the manager and James Hild is the president.
  • Farmers Elevator Company of Manteno, Manteno, Illinois. Alan Lamore is the manager and Harold McQueen is the president.
  • GRAINLAND Cooperative, Eureka, Illinois. Jeffery Brooks is the manager and Tom Kennell is the president.
  • Minier Cooperative Grain Company, now part of GRAINLAND Cooperative, Minier, Illinois. Keith Swigart was the manager and Duane Haning was the president for the time period measured.
  • Randolph Cooperative Grain Company, Heyworth, Illinois. Steve Cope is the manager and Arlen Sieg is the president.


Cassie Becker GROWMARK, Inc.